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Bundled CAT 5/6 CCTV Siamese Cable

Bundled CCTV Category-5E with 18/2 Siamese

Bundled Category-5E with 18/2 Siamese
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Manufacturer Code: 294-2177
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SCP 294-2177 Bundled Category-5E with 18/2 Siamese, 24AWG, UTP, Solid Bare Copper, CMR Rated, PVC Jacket


Bundled Category-5E with 18/2 Siamese, 24 AWG, UTP, Solid Bare Copper, CMR Rated, PVC Jacket, 500ft, White...

Structured Bundled CCTV Siamese Cable CAT6 18/2 Power Cable 500 FT

Bundled Siamese Cable Cat6 + 18/2 Power
Price: $324.00
Manufacturer Code: 294-2178
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294-2178 Category 6 Siamese CCTV Cable - 4 Pair, 24 AWG, 18/2 Power Cables, White
500 Foot Reels of Bundled Security Camera Cable. Cat6 Data Cable with 18/2 Power Cable


Bundled CCTV Siamese Cat 5/6 with 18/2 power cable is used Primarily Today for CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Applications. In the Early Days of Cable TV, 300 Ohm twin lead was used. When the transmission lines used changed to 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable, RG59 was introduced as the premise distribution cable of choice, installed in many Homes and Apartments that is still in use today. For the Higher Frequencies and Bandwidths of Modern Cable TV design, RG59 is very lossy and should be replaced with a lower loss cable (like RG6) at any opportunity. Now simplify your installations with CAT5/6 Solid Run Ethernet + Power Cables for your IP Cameras and Closed Circuit Televisions.

We Sell RG59 and Ethernet Connectors for CCTV and Cable TV Antenna applications as there is still plenty of it still left in service. Modern Manufacture of RG59 and Ethernet sees almost every variety that you would find .


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