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CATV Broadband Strandmount 750MHz Optical Receiver NE1100C

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HOLLAND Electronics NE1100C CATV Broadband Optical Receiver Pole Line Strand mount 750 Mhz
The NE1100C optical node is the perfect solution for operators implementing fiber in their system. By using AGC/MGC, the NE1100C provides a stable RF output with a varying optical input. Features an optional return path transmitter and remote monitor module, along with hermetically-sealed housing and ports for excellent reliability in any environment.

Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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3 Star Inc. stocks CATV SMATV Broadband Cable TV Line Amplifiers and Line Extenders in Frequency range from 550 MHz. to 1 GHz. in Forward and Sub-Band Return with replacement pads, equalizers, filters and various other amplifier plug-ins. Our equipment is new, we also have cost effective remanufactured and used equipment.


CCor/Antec/Motorola, ADC, Philips/Magnavox,
Cisco-Scientific Atlanta

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