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Cat6 Stranded Ethernet Cable CMR Rated UTP Grey 1000 FT

  • 10 Base-T (IEEEE802.3)
  • 100Vg-AnyLan (IEEEE802.12)
  • Token Ring (IEEEE802.5)
  • 100 Base-T (IEEEE802.3)
  • FDDI/CDDI 100 Mbps
  • ATM 155, 622 Mbps
  • 1000 Base-T
Price: $190.60
Manufacturer Code: CAT6-ST-GY
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063-511/ST/BK 1000 FT Unshielded Category 6 CMR Rated Stranded Ethernet Cable

  • High-Performance Category 6 Data Cable
  • 550 MHz Bandwidth for Data Applications & Fast Ethernet
  • Capable of carrying 155 Mbps
  • 4 Unshielded Twisted Pairs
  • 24 AWG Stranded Copper Conductors
  • ETL Listed, RoHS Compliant
  • CMR Riser Rated Grey PVC Jacket
  • Rip cord and external footage marking
  • 1,000 FT Pull box for easy use and transportation

Bulk Category 6 Cables - CAT6 cable handles up to 550 MHz in comparison with Cat5e cable at 350 MHz. Cat6 cables are compatible with Category 6 equipment as well as legacy Cat5 and Cat5e. Using Cat6 cable ensures the support you will need for increased bandwidth requirements in a commercial setting.

Note: Cat6 cable is still limited to a maximum of 328 ft (100 m) in length that should include the length of patch cables that interconnect equipment. Cat6 cable performance characteristics and test methods are defined in TIA/EIA-568-B.2-2001. Cat6 solid conductors are for distribution (typically) whereas Stranded conductors are usually reserved for flexible needs such as patch cords and cables. AWG conductor sizing is typically 23, comes in pairs of 4, and UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). When using LAN (Local Area Network) cable such as this is used in areas of likely ambient interference that would slow performance from the 550 MHz bandwidth and degrade 1000 Mbps (1000BASE-TX) potential performance, then SHIELDED Cable is recommended and you would then look for the STP moniker that indicates Shilded Twisted Pair. If the cable is run near or in Air handling spaces, then you should check the local building codes pertaining to Plenum cable use as each jurisdiction can be different in definition and guidance. Riser rating is something recommended as a minimum for all interior (in wall) use. CM is for exposed runs and CMX is exteriror rating, though not necessarily UV ray resistant to degradation. CMXT and CMXT are discriptor examples that intonate exterior (X) and flooded (F) or Taped (T) for Underground Use (Direct Burial).
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Bulk Cat6 Ethernet Cables for Residential & Commercial Networks

If you are looking for bulk quantities of Category 6 cable for your home or office network, this is the place. Here at Cable & Wire Shop we stock 1000 FT pull boxes of CAT6 shielded and unshielded cable in several colors. If you are looking for shorter lengths, view our Cat6 Jumper Cables where you can find 100' feet lengths and shorter of Category 6 cable.

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