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Carry Case Pouch for ADV1008 ADV1018 Toner Mapper Set



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Manufacturer Code: ADV1011
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3 Star Inc ADV1011 Carry Case for ADV1008 and ADV1018 Coaxial Cable Mapper
This zippered storage pouch will hold the Advantage 4-Way or 8-Way Coax Mapping Tool and colored terminators.

Note: If You're an Installer/Maintenance Technician for a Cable TV Company or Maintain a Master Antenna System Property, this is a Time-Saver. When you have multiple Drop Cables run throughout an Apartment or Condominium and You're one Guy, it can quickly become a Royal Pain in the @ss trying to figure out what goes where, from where, to where and have it make sense when after years of little/no maintenance. Splitter, cables and additional outlets run like water. Four ColoCoded F Terminators are screwed in at the outlets you find, go back to the central feed or Splitter Location, Tone and Tag knowing exactly which cable runs where. Detect shorts and opens, runs a tone that can be detected by most Inductive Pick-up Amplified Probes and by Amplified or NON-Amplified Telephone Lineman "Butt-Sets" for even More Flexibility in Troubleshooting and Identification.
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