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Structured Bundled Siamese Cable Cat6 & RG6/U Quad Shield Coax Combo 1000 FT

  • 1 Cat6 Cable
  • 1 RG-6 Quad Shield Cable
  • 1000 FT Spool in PVC Jacket
Price: $385.00
Manufacturer Code: HNC-15
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs

HNC-15 Bundled Siamese Cable with Cat6 550 MHz Cable + RG-6 Quad Shield Coax Cable, 1000 FT Spool

  • 1 Cat6 550 MHz 23 AWG Solid BC 4PR UTP
  • 1 RG-6/U Quad Shield Coax Bare Copper Cable
  • PVC Jacket- 1000 FT Spool in Blue

Structured Composite Cables - Using bundled cables can save you time & money by reducing installation to include running one cable. Our bundled cables are in-Wall rated, NEC CM, CEC CMG FT4, RoHS, CE, and UL listed.

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Bulk Bundled Cables for Home Network & Commercial Applications

Bundled cables can be used for a quicker installation by combining multiple wires into a single cable jacket. Here at Cable & Wire Shop our bulk bundled cables come in many combinations for use in home networks, CCTV installations and commercial or institutional applications. Choose between 500' and 1000' foot lengths of our bulk bundled cable. Don't forget to view our inventory of structured wall panels and bundled cable accessories in addition to our cables for your next project.

Most cables are in stock and ready to ship today. If you have any questions, please contact Cable & Wire Shop at 1-877-660-0974.

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