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Satellite TV Amplifier -5 dBm Output Autoleveling Gain 2.4GHz

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HOLLAND Electronics PAL5-T Autoleveling Gain Satellite Amplifier -5 dBm Output 250-2400 MHz
Sonora Designs PAL Series amplifiers provide unmatched auto leveling/auto gain performance. Within fractions of a second they respond to signal strength variations due to rain fade and atmospheric variables to provide a constant and stable fixed output, making it ideal for MDU Distribution. The PAL amplifiers come in -1, -5, -10, -20 and -30 dB power outputs.

High Return Loss
Flat Signal Response
Slope Compensation
Multiple Powering Options
Automatic Gain Control

Note: When Splitting the High Frequencies of Satellite TV Services to feed multiple Receivers, the Loss associated with the Splitter May need to be compensated for with the use of an Inline Satellite TV Drop Amplifier (Signal Booster) specific to this purpose and Frequency Range. Consider the need and review the "Satellite TV Amplifier" category for selection. Most of these Satellite Inline Amplifiers are line powered from the Satellite Receiver and will not, under most circumstances, require any externally coupled supply that this is intended to couple. Wouldn't it be nice if a Stellite Amplifier could compensate for rain fade and other transient losses to maintain a constant steady output level as needed to maintain service to one or more receivers in the distribution system? Well, look now further! This series of amplifiers do exactly that, please read the Spec Sheets for more usage info.
Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet
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All of these Amplifiers will Pass HDTV, DTV and Analog Signals. Those that have a Specific Band-Pass from 54, up to 950 or 1000 MHz are good for VHF/UHF and FM also... Making Them Suitable for Home use of Off-Air and Cable TV. Those Amplifiers with Band-Pass Specific to 2150 MHz means that they Boost Satellite Signals... If these same Amplifiers have a Start Frequency of between 5 and 54 MHz, they are Wide-Band and Carry Cable TV or Off-Air in Addition to the Satellite Signals. If the Star Frequency is around 950 MHz, then they are Solely for Satellite Carriage. The Gain or "Boost" of an Amplifier is Rated in db and really should be selected on the Signal Loss of the System that they are Intended for use with... In other words, Total the loss of the Cable and Passives (Splitters) that are in line to the Location that You need extra Signal to, and select an Amplifier whose Gain comes close to matching the Loss you are Desirous of Overcoming. Bigger is NOT always Better (You don't want to much Gain as it may Lead to Distortion), and ALWAYS check your Connections and Splitters for Problems or Faults that may be the Source of Your Problems First, before automatically assuming you need an Amplifier.

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