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Angle Suspension Clamp


Hot dip galvanized

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J1096 3 Bolt Cable Suspension Straight Clamp

Angle Suspension Clamps have curved ends to prevent damage to the messenger strand when turning small angles. All clamps firmly grip 1/4 to 7/16-inch diameter strand. They are furnished with two track bolts and a center mounting hole.

Clamp Bolt Diameter in [Imperial]: 0.5
Clamp Bolt Diameter mm [Metric]: 12.7
Clamp Length in [Imperial]: 5.75
Clamp Length mm [Metric]: 146
Clamp Width in [Imperial]: 1.6875
Clamp Width mm [Metric]: 42.86
Coating: Hot dip galvanized
Mounting Hole Diameter in [Imperial]: .6875
Mounting Hole Diameter mm [Metric]: 17.46
Strand Diameter: 1/4 to 7/16 in
Weight kg [Metric]: 0.82
Weight lb [Imperial]: 1.8

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