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8-Way Satellite Splitter

HOLLAND 8-Way Vertical Port Power Passive Satellite Splitter 15-2150 MHz

HOLLAND Vert. 8-Way Splitter 15-2150 MHz. Power Pass with Ground
Price: $16.95
Manufacturer Code: HR S8
Average Rating: 5
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Holland Electronics HR S8 8-Way Vertical F Port 15-2150 MHz Power Passing Satellite Signal Splitter
15-2150 MHz Wideband Satellite TV Signal Splitter with all Port Power Passing with Grounding Block Attached, using Solder Back Case for 130 dB RF shielding...

8-Way Power Passing All Ports Satellite DISH Splitter 5-2300 MHz

8-way All Ports Power Passing 5-2300 MHz Satellite DISH Signal Splitter
Price: $8.95
Manufacturer Code: 23308
Average Rating: 5
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SKY 23308 8-Way 5-2300 MHz All Ports Power Passing Satellite Signal Splitter
5-2300 MHz Wideband Satellite TV Antenna Cable TV Signal Splitter with all Port Power Passing with Grounding Block Attached, 120 dB RF shielding. Can be used to split Dish feed to multiple Receiver Inputs or feed Multiple TVs from Reciever Output. Passes DC and IR from Outputs to Input...

HOLLAND HRv S8 8-Way Passive Satellite Splitter 2-2150 MHz

HOLLAND HRv S8 8-Way Vertical F Port Power Passing 2 -2400 Mhz  Digital Satellite Splitter 
Price: $16.95
Manufacturer Code: HRv S8
Average Rating: 5
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
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Holland Electronics HRv S8 8-Way Vertical F Port 2-2400 MHz Power Passing Satellite Signal Splitter
2-2400 MHz Wideband High Perfomance passive  Digital Satellite TV Signal Splitter with all Port Power Passing with Grounding Block Attached, the HRv S8 splitter utilize diaode directing circuitry to prevent DC back-feeding...

8-Port Satellite Splitter

Satellite Splitters Typically Pass from 950 to 2050 or 2150 MHz. and are used between the LNB (LNBF) and the Input of the Satellite Receivers. In this manner a Satellite Signal Feed from the Dish can be "Split" to feed multiple Receiver Units. Low Voltage is Present in this link between the LNB and Receiver and should be maintained and respected. With a 2 Receiver Setup, Voltage to the LNB typically would only be required from one or either of the Receivers. Some Splitters (HOLLAND) have diodes that eliminate the back-feeding of voltage back and forth between the Receivers, otherwise you may have to disable the Voltage eminating out through the "Input" port of one of the Receivers (this function is usually switchable for this purpose). With Multiple Receiver feeds in a "Head-End" scenario where receivers are dedicated to specific channels for mixing and carriage onto a Cable TV or Satellite Master Antenna System, the question of feeding Voltage back to the LNB is addressed with a separate power inserter for this purpose.

If you have Off-Air Antenna TV Signals mixed with the Satellite Signals, you will need "Wideband" Splitters that have a minmum start frequency of 50 MHz and again, pass up to 2050 or 2150 MHz. (depending on Service). Those Splitters that have a Start Frequency of below 40 MHz are used for carriage of both Satellite and Cable TV with Return Band two way services like Hi-Speed Internet Broadband Modems and Set Top Pay-per ViewTV Converters.

Conversely, regular Cable TV Antenna Signal Splitters have a start Frequency of 5, 40 or 50 MHz. and a Stop Frequency of 900 or 1000 MHz. (1 GHz.) You could utilize any of those Splitters for distribution use of the Output Signals of the Satellite Receivers to other TV Sets.

These 8-Way Satellite Splitters are typically the Part you would use to take One (1) LNB(F) Feed and "Split" it into Eight (8) in order to present Signal to 8 Independant Receivers. Please be Sure to Select the Appropriate Device not just By Manufacturer and Price. But Rather, Consider the Specifics of Bandwidth, Packaging (Indoor vs. Outdoor), Insertion Loss, Powering Requirements Up/Down-Stream and the Overall Needs of the Final System You Wish to Create.

When Splitting the High Frequencies of Satellite TV Services to feed multiple Receivers, the Loss associated with the splitter may need to be compensated for with the use of an In-Line Satellite Drop Amplifier specific to this purpose and Frequency Range. Consider the need and review the "Satellite TV Amplifier" category for selection.

Also the issue of supplying Voltage back to the LNB(F) may be addressed more resolutely with the installation of a Power Supply and Power Inserter specific to the purpose. Consider the need and review the "DC Power Inserter" category for selection.

When Supplementing your Satellite TV Antenna Installation with additional Components, consider Grounding. Dual F Port Grounding Blocks specific for Grounding un-wanted Electrical Surges and Strikes away from the LNB(F), Satellite TV Receiver and TV Set(s) are available. See the "Drop Ground Blocks" Category. Consult your Local Building Code and NEC for guidance to Properly Grounding your HD TV Antenna, Satellite TV, Cable TV, WI-FI, Wireless Internet, Business Band, CB or Amateur Radio Antenna Installation.

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