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625 JCASS Hardline Cable Jacketed Direct Burial for CATV


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3 Star Inc 625 JCASS.625 Hardline Coaxial Cable Direct Burial for Underground
P3.625 JCASS Jacketed / Flooded for Direct Burial Underground Hardline Coaxial Cable is optimized for use in CATV, SMATV and Broadband feeder plants. It's small size, low attenuation and inherent strength has made it an industry standard. A high precision aluminum outer conductor surrounds a high compression, micro-cellular dielectric core. The core contains a fully bonded copper clad center conductor.

Price is per foot. Cable comes in lengths between 2350 - 2600 foot reels. Contact us for quote.

Construction Materials:
Jacket Material: PE
Armor Material: Non-Armored
Center Conductor Material: Coppeclad aluminum
Dielectric Material: PE
Inner Jacket Material: PE
Outer Conductor Material: Aluminum
Packaging Type: Reel

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3 Star Inc stocks Hardline and Drop Coaxial Cable for aerial, underground, communication tower and wi-fi applications using flexible cables such as RG-8X, RG-59, RG-6, RG-7, RG-11, RG-213, LMR-240, LMR-400, some available in 60% ,95%, tri-shield, quad-shield, messengered, flooded, siamese, riser and plenum. We also have Hardline Coaxial Cable in .500, .540, .625, .715, .750, .840, .860, .875, 1.000 and 1.250, some available in standard, messengered, and flooded versions.


Belden, CommScope, Times Fiber, Trilogy, Structured Cable, Metra, Vertical



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