LMR-240 LMR-400 RG213 RG8X 50 OHM Coaxial Cable
The infrastructure of many telecommunications systems relies heavily on 50 Ohm RF coaxial cable for a multitude of interconnection applications. Cell towers and communication equipment in base station facilities are a few typical examples. In these applications RG58, RG223 and RG213 cable with BNC, TNC and Type N connectors are often utilized. The primary use of a 50 Ohm coaxial cable is transmission of a data signal in a two-way communication system. Some common applications for 50 Ohm coaxial cable are microwave dish and equipment interconnect, wireless antenna feed cables, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) antenna feed cables and cell phone systems. The selection of 50 Ω as a compromise between power-handling capability and attenuation is in general cited as the reason for the number. 50 Ω also works out well because it corresponds very closely to the drive impedance of a half-wave dipole in real environments, and provides an acceptable match to the drive impedance of a quarter-wave monopole, as well.
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