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5 Foot Roof Mount Tripod with 2.25 inch OD Antenna Mast

Galvanized, durable finish
Mast rises 12 inches above Tripod
Conforms to most any roof peak
Tripod height: 5ft
Mast DIA: 2.25 OD
Price: $90.25
Manufacturer Code: EZ 48-5AW-225
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
3 Star Inc EZ 48-5AW-225 5' Tripod Roof Mount with 2.25" OD Antenna Mast Pole
Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
5 Foot Tripod with 2.25 inch OD mast conforms to roof peaks with installer friendly front facing feet that can accomodate 12 inch center rafters, Mast rises 12 inches above tripod apex (Antenna, Mounting Hardware not included).
This Tripod Compares to ROHN TRTAG2

Note: Typical rafter spacings are 16 inches center to center and pre-built trusses are 24 inches center to center. Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Steel 5 ft. Antenna Tripod can Permanently mount an antenna or satellite dish on the peak of a roof, or almost anywhere!
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pole diameter
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Fast & easy installation with our Antenna Tripod Mounts

Antenna tripods offer fast, easy installation for one person. The legs adjust to any rafter spacing. Available in a range of sizes, tripod mounts are shipped completely assembled with no loose parts so they can be quickly installed at your location. Achieve better reception & maintain neat appearance with high quality self-supporting antenna mounts that eliminate signal distortion caused by inferior materials.

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