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- 500 ft
- 18/4FPLR
- Solid
- Non-Shielded
Price: $120.00
Manufacturer Code: 18/4FPL500
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
SCP 18/4FPL500 500' 18AWG/4C SOLID Non-Shielded FPLR Fire Alarm Cable Red CMR PVC
Power limited fire alarm and communications cable for Riser and Non-Riser applications. Fire Alarm, Fire Protective Circuits, Smoke Detectors, Monitor/Detection, Signal, Control Circuits, Initiating Circuits, and Notification Circuits.

Multi-Conductor UnShielded FPL Insulated solid bare copper conductors, twisted with red PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket.

ETL FPLR or CL2R, NEC Article 760, California State Fire Marshall.

Construction Details:
Total Number Conductors: 4
Awg: 18
Stranding: Solid Strand
Conductor Material: Bare Copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Insulation/Dielectric Thickness: 0.008"
Nominal Insulation Diameter: 0.056"
Nylon: N/A
Nylon Thickness: N/A
Nominal Operation Diameter: N/A
Cabling pairs: N/A
Drain wire: N/A
Cabling Overall Lay: 2 1/4" left hand lay
Fillers: N/A
Tape Material: N/A
Drain Wire Material: 7 Strand 22AWG Tinned Copper
Nominal Cabling Diameter: 0.112"
Copper tape: N/A
Final Jacket Material: PVC
Nominal Thickness: 0.015"
Jacket Color: Red
Nominal Jacket Diameter: 0.142"
Ripcord: Yes
Steel Messenger: N/A

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