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- 1000 ft
- 18/2FPLR
- Solid
- Shielded
Price: $155.00
Manufacturer Code: 18/2FPLSH
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hrs
SCP 18/2FPLSH 1000' 18AWG/2C SOLID FPLSH Shielded Fire Alarm Cable Red CMR PVC
Power limited fire alarm and communications cable for Riser and Non-Riser applications. Fire Alarm, Fire Protective Circuits, Smoke Detectors, Monitor/Detection, Signal, Control Circuits, Initiating Circuits, and Notification Circuits.

Multi-Conductor Shielded FPL Insulated solid bare copper conductors, twisted with an overall AL shield, and sunlight resistant PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket.

Construction Details:
Total Number Conductors: 2
Awg: 18
Stranding: Solid Strand
Conductor Material: Bare Copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Insulation/Dielectric Thickness: 0.008"
Nominal Insulation Diameter: 0.056"
Nylon: N/A
Nylon Thickness: N/A
Nominal Operation Diameter: N/A
Cabling pairs: N/A
Drain wire: N/A
Cabling Overall Lay: 2 1/4" left hand lay
Fillers: N/A
Tape Material: Aluminum/Mylar
Drain Wire Material: 7 Strand 22AWG Tinned Copper
Nominal Cabling Diameter: 0.118"
Copper tape: N/A
Final Jacket Material: PVC
Nominal Thickness: 0.018"
Jacket Color: Red
Nominal Jacket Diameter: 0.154"
Ripcord: Yes
Steel Messenger: N/A

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