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10 Foot Standard Ladder Section for ROHN 25G 45G 55G 65G 80 90


Price: $236.90
Manufacturer Code: NL10
Availability: Usually ships in 3 weeks
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
ROHN NL10 10' Standard Ladder Segment for G 80 90 Series Standard Tower Section
This Ladder Section can be installed on most ROHN Standard Tower Sections on Outside corner, Inside corner or Tower face. The Specific Mounting kit must be ordered separately in accordance with the type of installation desired.

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1. Ladders are available for most ROHN standard tower sections.
2. All ROHN climbing devices are intended for use by professional (competent climbers) only.
3. Specify ladder type and configuration when ordering.
4. Custom configurations and mounting options available.
5. A safety climb system is required for all structures greater than 10’ in height.

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