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Winegard HD-9075P UHF Corner Reflector HDTV Antenna HD9075P

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Winegard HD-9075P UHF Yagi Style HDTV Antenna
Price: $69.95
Mfr. Code: HD-9075P

Stock Level: 10

Optimized for:
UHF/HDTV Signals
Fringe Rated
23-45 degree Beamwidth
Reception range:
UHF - 25/35 Miles
Antenna Size:
60x27x25.5 in.
High quality construction
Versatile mounting options

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Winegard HD-9075P Platinum HD
is a High strength UHF/HD Corner Reflector for channels 14-69 metropolitan to fringe. Exceptional quality and a great antenna for long distance UHF/HD reception up to 35 miles away from the broadcast tower. Designed with the professional installer in mind, the 75 ohm down lead coupler simply snaps into place for fast, easy assembly; eliminates the need for matching transformers when using coax cable. Platinum HD antennas deliver powerful UHF performance and offer additional 1 dB to 2 dB higher gain on UHF, important for weak signal areas. Outstanding UHF reception achieved by precise director spacing and highly efficient corner reflectors. Operation in the Red and Blue Reception zones might require use of a Pre-amplifier.

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  • Mast not included  
  • High front to back ratio for superior HD reception 
  • Covers UHF channels 14-69  
  • Replacement model for HD9085P and HD9065 
  • Includes hardware for mounting to a mast; antenna has a 75 ohm coax connection 
  • 27 Active elements    
  • Boom Length: 60 in. 
  • Width: 27 in. 
  • Height: 25.5 in. 
  • Turning Radius: 58 in. 
  • Element Diameter 3/8"
  • Shipping Dimensions 42x7x7
    Corner Reflector- Is an Antenna widely used for UHF reception, but not readily recognizable because of its usual incorporation into antennas as a subcomponent of the Larger Yagi Style TV antennas that comprise 99.9% of the Antennas we saw and used prior to the Digital Transition. It is highly directive and tunable, and gain comes from some physical characteristics related to length. It has a small profile and wind load, yet is limited in gain as there are limits to the typical gain/size increase projections that other antenna designs enjoy. The gain is primarily related to its efficiency, the long boom component is a key means to this end, as the multiple director elements attract and guide the signal towards the driven element. Whereas a variety of corner reflector designs all look the same in size and shape, the increase in boom length and number of director elements directly correlates to its gain potential.

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    Medium Directional
    Medium Directional Indoor Outdoor Attic Roof HD TV Antennas

    There is no substitute of height, clear line-of-site and size does matter... The higher the frequency, the higher the loss... Amplifiers do not give you something that you didn't have already...

    The first key to any reception is to get above obstructions that exist between you and your target, as radio frequency reception of any kind (satellite, microwave, Radio and TV) are for the most part "Line-of-Sight" dependant. The fact that some receptions occur without line of sight is due to phenomenon not applicable in this discussion. As you increase your target distance, you increase the territory you must account for in maintaining line-of-sight. What tall building and air traffic exist in this corridor, no one can account for. Aircraft are very good at messing up reception for a number of reasons, even when flying way above the path, again removed for clarity in this discussion. Height, is therefore key in optimizing your ability to capture the best line-of-sight possible to your target.

    Medium Directional Antennas are good for HD TV Reception in the 0 to 45 Mile Range...

    For Mid Range Direction TV reception, there are typically 3 major types used; Corner Reflector, Yagi and Bowtie, not in any particular order.

    Some of these Antennas are of Average Profile and Typically have a Asthetically Identifiable appearance which can be of Concern when dealing with Home-Owner and Condo Associations. Their Medium size lends some of them well to Attic installations to be completely hid from view. Some Considerations in Attic Installations would be; to keep wiring and other metal obstructions away from the Frontal view of the Antenna as not to impede reception in that Direction, and that any Amplifier that you might be using to enhance reception and/or distribution to other TV sets in the house be colocated with the Antenna as to reduce loss of signal unnecessarily due to distance between the Antenna and Amplifier, as well as to offset any loss in Antenna Gain from Roofing Materials used in Construction.

    Indoors or Out, I always try to Mount the Antenna in a Position and Fashion that will lend itself to a maximum Angular view of the Horizon so a sweep with the antenna can be performed through and Past the intended reception Direction(s). This will insure that you are centered on Target (finding the "Sweet-Spot" for them all), and that if there are other Broadcasts available to you that were unknown previously, you can amend/supplement your current Antenna installation to add these New Channels to your Stockpile.

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