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Satellite TV Antenna Combination Mast 5 foot by 1.66" and 2" OD

4'-8.75" Long
1.66 and 2 inch O.D.
Galvanized Finish
UPS Shippable
16 AWG Thickness
Price: $12.95
Manufacturer Code: 5994
3S 5994 1.66 and 2 Inch O.D. Combination Satellite and Off-Air TV Antenna Mast
(56-3/4" Length) by 1.66" and 2.00 " O.D. 16 AWG Galvanized Antenna Mast (Mount Not Included). Sturdy One Piece that Fits a Variety of Mounts for Flexibility In Off-Air HDTV and Satellite Antenna Mounting and Height Clearance.

There's a Big difference between 18 AWG and 16 AWG when it comes to Antenna Masts. This 16 AWG Mast is thicker, hardier, stronger and weighs more with heavier Pre-Galvanization. A 4 foot-8.75 inch long 1.66 inch OD mast with a 11.5 inch long section of 2in OD on the other end. If you don't need to mount a Satellite Dish onto the 2.00" section, simply Field Cut this end off to utilize the 1.66" through a 1.75" Tripod or Wall Mount. This mast pipe is ideal for DirecTV SLIMLINE & WILD BLUE dishes and will fit in all of 3 Star’s tripods and wall brackets. With Proper clearance and brackets, you could mount both the Satellite Dish AND the DTV Off-Air Antenna... What a GREAT IDEA!
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