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Easy Up EZ30 30" Single Eye Screw Anchor
Price: $17.95

30 inches Long
Single Eye Head
7/16" Rod
4" Diameter Helix
Made in the USA!

Note: Though this item has been purchased with the idea of use in temporary 25G Tower erection, it is not recommended. It is designed for use in down guying Telescopic Antenna masts.
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Weight: 2 lb
Easy Up EZ30 30 inch Telescopic Mast Down Guy Screw Anchor
Made in the USA!Made in the USA!
This is a 30" long Down Guy Screw Anchor for attaching Down Guy Wire when Guying ROHN H20, H30 and Channel Master 1620, 1630, 1820, 1830 Telescopic Masts. The HDG Screw Anchor's Rod Diameter is 7/16" formed into a single Eye. The Helix Width is 4" in Diameter.