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Holland BNC-C324 RG-6 Cable BNC Connector

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Holland BNC-C324 RG-6 Cable BNC Connector
Price: $1.29
Qty 1-50 51-100 101+
Price $1.29 $1.27 $1.25
Mfr. Code: BNC-C324



Simple Hex Compression
Secure Termination
One Piece Integral Center Pin
Use Any .324 Hex Crimp Tool


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Holland BNC-C324 RG6 Coaxial Cable to BNC Connector 
For use with 60% thru Tri-Shield coaxial cable. Turn Two connectors into One. Go Direct from Cable to BNC. This Economical Hex Crimp Connector features a One Piece Center Pin and Ferrule Inclusive Nickel Plated Housing. Prep with 1/4-1/4 Center conductor and Braid length.
Use HX-596Q (.324) Hex Crimper Tool

Note: Bright Nickel Finish makes this Connector a plus in Custom made Home Theater and Head-end cable wiring that looks like you spent a fortune. This also means that you can choose a specific colored RG6 cable sheath, connectorize it to length, adding to the Custom Finished look.
Availability: Usually ships 24 Hrs

Shipping: Can ship anywhere
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